College Readiness

College-readiness is YES Prep's North Star. We believe that by empowering students to be successful in college, we prepare students for any pathway. All students experience an aligned and rigorous curriculum, a supportive environment, and have exposure to career and extra-curricular opportunities- all in service of pursuing lives of opportunity.
YES Prep is a commitment to academic and social development. Our students’ time is designed to ensure that every student who graduates YES Prep is prepared to pursue and complete a college degree or a rigorous post-secondary opportunity most aligned to their needs.

Every student who graduates from YES Prep should be empowered to succeed in college and to pursue lives of opportunity.   Our students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to be productive and contributing members of their community.  

Robust and comprehensive college counseling is a central component of the YES Prep College Initiatives program. We do this work to ensure students are Accepted, Matriculated, and Persist through college by exposing students to the five pillars of our College Initiatives programming— College Advising, Seminar, Student Opportunities, Alumni Support and College Partnerships.  

Family Resources
The College Initiatives team has developed the Conversation Guide to assist you and your son or daughter discuss their College Aspirations. These resources provides conversation guides for families to have with their students.

For All Student and FamiliesReading Your Child's Report Card - A Conversation Guide about How Grades Affect College Aspiration

English Guide Spanish Guide

For SeniorsThe College Application Calendar - Conversation Guide

English Guide Spanish Guide

Preparing for Fall Senior Advising  - Conversation Guide

English Guide Spanish Guide

Preparing for Your Child's Senior Decision Meeting  - Conversation Guide

English Guide Spanish Guide


Student Opportunity Bulletin ResourcesYES Prep maintains a montly Bulletin about coming student opportunity resources, by grade level.  Below are resources for outside opportunities for 9th through 12th grade students:

9th Grade 10th Grade    
11th Grade 12th Grade